Inversion Table

I often get asked questions about inversion tables. Even though these products have been around for decades the ability to market products has become easier with our advancing technology. Every provider has their initial assumption on a product, is it safe, will it help with the condition, is it affordable?

Honestly, I was skeptical– -my thoughts were always if this was such a good alternative, why weren’t we recommending this treatment ourselves. Medicine is a […]

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How to Fix Your Back

On I-15, near where I live, there is a prominent billboard advertising back surgery with large title header, “FIX YOUR BACK”. I sigh in discouragement, frustration and irritation every time I drive by, although it does always re-inspire me to help patients understand that surgery rarely ‘fixes’ the back and often creates a whole new set of troubles.

A spine surgeon, no matter how well-intentioned and skilled, is 99% of the time not […]

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A Tale of Two Knees

I saw a patient yesterday who is six weeks out from bilateral knee replacements and struggling. One knee remains stiff and painful and both knees remain hot and swollen. Her summer is shot. She had originally planned to have the replacements done in the fall, but after years of mild joint pain went precipitously downhill in 4 short months, from February to May, to the point that the pain became so unbearable that she […]

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Muscle Spasms/Cramps: Why and How to Deal with a Pesky Problem

I often get questions about muscle spasms/cramps. While everyone is at risk for muscle spasms at any time, they are more common in the warmer months.

What is a muscle spasm/cramp?

Definitions may vary but the general thought is that it represents a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles. This condition is generally considered harmless. However, it can affect muscle use while present (ie while […]

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Does Shoulder Surgery for a Labral Tear Improve Outcomes?

I posted a link last week to a research study that showed arthroscopic knee surgery–the most common orthopedic surgery in the world–to be ineffective for knee pain. Another study was recently published in the British Medical Journal regarding another common orthopedic surgery and the results are similar.

Shoulder surgery for a labral tear is also one of the most common orthopedic procedures performed and one for which the rehabilitation and recovery is a long, […]

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I just got back from Philadelphia, PA where I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a seminar discussing the advances in neurostimulation. Neurostimulation is also known as spinal cord stimulation or SCS. This is a science that has been around for 50 years, and actively prescribed for chronic pain issues ~40 years.

As I do not possess an advanced degree in physics or engineering, my plan was to lay the ground work of the […]

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The Benefits of Sports Medicine for Anyone with an Injury

Unfortunately, there is a good likelihood that at some point during your life, you will suffer some sort of sports-related injury. When you have been injured severely enough that you require physician assistance, it can be devastating and take some time before you return to full strength and mobility.

However, there is something that can help anyone who has sustained an injury: sports medicine. Here are a number of benefits you can get with […]

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Our Story

A brief history of Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab Center, 2005-2017

We started out in 2008 as Eastern Idaho Spine Center. Dr. Shane Mangrum, a skilled and exceptional physiatrist, moved to Idaho Falls in 2005 and created his own business, Western Rehabilitation. Due to his passion for exceptional medical care, he quickly grew his practice and recruited Dr. Sarah Vlach to join him and they co-founded Eastern Idaho Spine Center. In its early years, […]

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What is Arthritis?

The other day while reviewing an MRI with a patient, she asked a simple, but thought-provoking question, “What is arthritis?” I started thinking—as providers of medical care, we throw out a lot of common terms under the assumption that patients have a general understanding of the material discussed. It appears that this is not always the case.

So, today I’m going to discuss the basics of arthritis. As there are different forms […]

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Research Shows Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Is Not Effective

Check out this new article just published in the British Medical Journal – Arthroscopic knee surgery (getting your knee “scoped”) is the most common orthopedic procedure in the world and yet research shows it is not effective for relieving pain or improving function.

An international panel of surgeons and patients agreed to change the guidelines for knee arthritis, recommending conservative measures instead of surgery.

Another reason to come see us and see what we […]

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