Patient Success Stories

At Eastern Idaho Spine Center we take the success of our patients very personally and very seriously.

Sarah Johnson, Knee Pain


Scottie, Arm Pain


Dr. Vlach provided me a diagnosis that changed my midlife challenges. Prior to Dr. Vlach, I received a hodgepodge of diagnoses from local practioniers that limited my outdoor activities, placed boundaries on enjoying the great outdoors of eastern Idaho. However, Sarah’s engaging bedside manner, attention to detail, and willingness to listen to the patient offered me hope that I was unable to receive from other providers.

Sarah not only presented me with various options to overcome my ailments, she challenged me to mentally push myself to getting mentally and physically stronger to achieve my goals. Five years ago I would not have believed the physical strength and endurance capacity that I have today. I strongly recommend if you are unsatisfied with your progress, frustrated with inattentive practitioners, or just interested in seeking solid and sound medial advice, try Sarah Vlach prior to giving up. Sarah will assist you in overcoming your physical complaints and harness your physical abilities.”

Anita G, Changed My Midlife Challenges


I have been treated by Dr. Vlach several times for different conditions. Several years ago for a sacral stress fracture and most recently for a severe hamstring tendonopathy brought on by overuse. I am a triathlete/marathon-runner, recently turned ultra-marathon runner, and it is very important to me that I stay active and healthy while pursuing these interests. This injury had reduced my activity to almost nothing but Dr. Vlach’s treatment has allowed me to start the path to training again for a summer of running.

I am a physical therapist and have been extremely impressed by Dr. Vlach’s patience, insight, and knowledge into treating injuries such as mine. She has personal and professional knowledge of sports-related and spinal injuries, along with an understanding of the importance of a rehabilitation program tailored to each individual. She takes adequate time to diagnose and understand each ailment and has many tools at her disposal to help in the recovery process. I have also had the opportunity to refer patients of my own to her and have seen positive outcomes in all of them. I highly recommend these medical services to anyone who is suffering from chronic or acute pain and has not had success with other forms of treatment.”

Cris A, Ultra-Marathon Runner


After a long running season I started feeling a pain in my lower leg. I continued to run until I felt the pain increase to the point that I knew I needed to go into Dr. Vlach’s office. Dr. Vlach was quick to get me in and ask about my history. She did some tests and determined my problem was not a soft tissue injury, but most likely in the bone.

Dr. Vlach ordered an x-ray, but nothing showed up as injured. She then ordered an MRI. After the MRI she discovered I had a tibial stress reaction. She ordered 6 weeks of no impact. Dr. Vlach offered lots of alternative exercises so I wouldn’t lose my fitness and she emphasized the importance of nutrition. Dr. Vlach continued to text and call me throughout my recovery. I felt listened to and confident that Dr. Vlach had done everything possible to find the problem with my leg and wanted to get me running again.

When I returned for my follow up appointment Dr. Vlach had a return to running schedule all ready for me. She continued to check on my throughout my comeback. Dr. Vlach empathized with me during this time of no running. She did everything possible to bring me back safe and strong.”

Alana W, Runner, Tibial Stress Reaction & Recovery


Dr. Mangrum, I owe you a steak!

What happened was:

For the last three weeks at work, me and a colleague have been sharing a ladder, bending mildly backwards at the waist, working with both arms over our heads, on each side of an aircraft main spar. This has been for 40 hours a week for three weeks. At the start of the fourth week my lower back started to hurt. By Wednesday I was popping painkillers (Tylenol, Motrin, & Aspirin) to keep going. On Friday I was almost worthless.

Saturday I had off, and tried not to move unless necessary, figuring that some rest would help; I did feel a little better. Sunday morning came and I had real difficulty getting out of bed. The pain was acute and came in spasms. Returning to my table at a restaurant at midday, I couldn’t lower myself to my seat, so I just stood there in pain until the waitress brought the check so I could waddle my way back home.

I am living in continental Europe and am unfamiliar with the medical system or process here, so I am reluctant to seek medical attention. I have experienced lower back pain before, not pleasant, but it always gets better eventually. I am in noway in as much agony as my father was through most of my adolescence, suffering with his back. So I started searching YouTube for some relief or at least advice.

I watched a couple of you brief videos and then found your website which led me to your e books. I purchased both “30 days to a pain-free back” and “Lower Back Pain Relief” from the Apple Store. So there I am, on the floor, grinning, doing “The Low Back Self-Screening Tool” Test #1 because by back has stopped hurting. Well that’s not entirely true, the pain has moved up, to between my shoulder, but I can tell that’s just knotted-up back muscles from being contracted for days.

This was like first aid for my back, which happened to be exactly what I needed!

So I proceeded directly to Extender Responder Exercises and started doing them. After 25-30 minutes of gradually progressing thru the beginning steps using a couple of pillows I am able to move around again and though not without discomfort, the acute/sharp pain spasms are gone. This has been miraculous!

Day 2
Was able to be productive all day at work which is very important to me. During my break, I did “Prone Lying on Elbows” and some “Prone Press-ups”. My back muscles are still sore but there was no acute pain attacks at all today (no pills either). I feel better obviously, but not just my back, I feel empowered; not a reluctant participant but with some tools to help myself and the confidence that I am already on the road to recovery. I cannot stress how odd this feels to have a little back discomfort and yet I am still grinning and smiling. I am in awe just how quickly you have helped me.

I am looking forward to doing more of the exercises in your books. I just did 20 minutes alternating between “Prone Lying on Elbows” and some “Prone Press-ups” and will do some more again before I go to bed tonight. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

Thank you also for taking the time and making the effort to share your knowledge and expertise. Making the videos available on YouTube and having your eBooks available and affordable should make your assistance obtainable by the most number of people in need of relief.

I mean it, at the very least, I owe you a steak…”

Warren V, Extreme Back Pain


While training for my first 50K ultra marathon I suffered an injury to my left foot and leg. After weeks of treating myself unsuccessfully I joined a group of runners in Challis ID training for the same race as myself. Dr. Vlach was one of the group. During a conversation with the good doc I mentioned the problems with my foot. After carefully listening and asking questions only a great Dr. and fellow runner would ask, Dr. Sarah said she thought she could help me.

A course of treatment was determined with strict instructions I was to follow. Now in most cases that is where the service ends. However, I started to receive personnel texts over the next few weeks from Dr. Vlach asking how I was doing and if there was anything else’s she could do. Well long story short, with Dr. Sarah’s treatment, advice, concern and encouragement I was able to run my first 50K pain free in my foot. Without her help I would not have been able to experience one of the best days of my life. It was epic! Thanks Doc, couldn’t have done it without you! Oh ya, the good Dr. herself had an epic day at the same race taking 2nd overall in the women’s division 100k.

Scot W, Ultra Runner


I have had acupuncture for pain in my SI joint and lower back (arthritis, 2 bulging disks) for almost 5 months. The results have been remarkable. After 8 months of PT, massages, and 2 steroid injections the nerve pain had no subsided and my activities such as jogging were limited. After the first few acupuncture treatments I felt relief. I was able to resume outdoor activities such as skiing etc. Now I have rarely take an NSAID to relieve pain and discomfort and will increase the time between treatments. I was looking for a non-surgical / non-invasive method to help with the pain. The acupuncture, along with exercise and yoga, has helped immensely.

Susan E, Back Pain


I came to Dr. Vlach in a lot of pain. I’d been having issues for about three years. I’d seen several doctors, had blood tests, x-rays and several MRI’s. I was very depressed and losing hope. I could do none of my favorite activities. Now several months after my first visit, after PRP and acupuncture I have almost no pain if any on a daily basis and very little while doing activities. I am starting to return to the activities I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Vlach and the Eastern Idaho Spine and Sports Center!

Tiffany K, Back Pain


Having had the PRP injection 3 months ago, my knee has had a wonderful recovery. Stairs, hikes and even getting out of the car are painless. Day to day living is so much easier.

Ginger R, Knee Pain


I was experiencing a lot of back pain and came in to see K’Lynda Snarr at Eastern Idaho Spine, Sport, and Rehab. She did trigger point injections on my back. I couldn’t believe the immediate relief! My only regret is that I didn’t come in sooner! Thank you for making such a difference in my life every day!

Susan L, Back Pain


I have arthritis in my knees and needed a steroid injection. Dr. Hedin gave me the absolute BEST injection I have ever had. He is gentle, caring and a top notch physician. I highly recommend him for any procedure you need.

JT, Arthritis Pain


Extremely happy with the results after the procedure. I’m able to do everything I used to do before I was injured. I was able to avoid surgery.

Evelyn, Ankle Pain


This is a wonderful medical option to shoulder repair. I have had surgery on one shoulder years ago and PRP is steps above. Who doesn’t love the thought of using your own body to repair a live of being active. Dr. Vlach is great at what she does. Big thanks!

Marnie, Shoulder Pain


Dr. Vlach suggested I get an MRI and x-ray that showed two tears in my right gluteus minimus to consider a platelet injection. I decided to have the injection and now two months out I am able to walk normal, lift my leg sideways (35 reps) and have very little pain. I am currently going to physical therapy once a week and am pleased with my progress. I appreciate how concerned Dr. Vlach has been with me and I also appreciate that she will talk and listen to my concerns. This has been quite a journey and i’m grateful it has been with her.

Pamela, Glute Minimus


After a fall at work I came to see Dr. Hedin. He was very welcoming and personal. He gave me several options for treatment. I never felt pressured to choose any specific options. We started very conservatively and worked up to an injection treatment in my neck. Each time I have come in for follow up the staff and Dr. Hedin seen genuinely happy to see me and listen to all my concerns. My treatment has been a very easy and smooth process which I contribute to the amazing staff and Doctors at East Idaho Spine, Sports, and Rehab Center!

Marci, Neck Pain


Thank you East Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab center for giving me back my life. At age 77 I was referred to your clinic in Nov 2016. At that time I weighed 211 lbs with severe back pain. I was unable to do even simple housework or walk a block. Thank you for your multi disciplinary approach. You reviewed my records, MRI, and made a plan, sent me to Physical Therapy and Monika Jarzmik, FNP, for nutrition. With an appropriate diet and hard work at physical therapy I began to see results. By June I had lost 46 lbs and can do all of my housework, mow my lawn and walk where I want! At your recommendation I completed Radio Frequency Ablation and my back pain is reduced to a level managed with acetaminophen as needed. I am grateful for those services and I cannot thank you enough. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Anne, Back Pain


I received Regenexx PRP injections in my lumbar spine following months of lower back pain and sciatica from bulging discs. It has now been 8 weeks since the procedure and my pain level has decreased more than I’d hoped for. Because I had a spinal fusion 18 years ago, I would have had the procedure done for a 50% reduction in pain. Today I would rate my pain reduction at 75%. I couldn’t be more pleased. Besides administering the successful PRP injections, Dr. Vlach took special interest in helping me solve neuropathy pain in my feet. I had always assumed this was caused by the bulging discs, but she had me explore other possibilities. At her recommendation my glucose levels and b12 levels were tested. Glucose was high, and B12 was low; and both can cause neuropathy. I have changed my diets and am receiving b 12 shots. I am also doing nerve and hamstring stretches. My neuropathy pain has reduced significantly in 8 weeks. Dr. Vlach also discussed mu neck pain and recommended I see a physical therapist that assessed my neck problem correctly ad those exercises are helping. I have never received such good care from a medical doctor specialist. I could not more highly recommend an orthopedic doctor than Dr. Vlach. I live in Montana, 4 hours away from Idaho Falls and the multiple trips and hotel bills were well worth the extra time and expense. Thank you, Dr. Vlach and your team; I sincerely thank god for you!

Jay, Lower Back Pain


Yeah! The tendon procedure worked. Dr. Liljenquist removed bone spurs, and rotator cuff repair. When he got into the surgery, the tendon was healed. I didn’t need that repaired. Thanks!

Adele, Shoulder Pain


After many years of consistent pain due to an unsuccessful foot surgery which lead to chronic and worsening pain, Dr. Vlach gave me the opportunity to try a new procedure called PRP. Using my own blood which was drawn then ‘spun’ to isolate the platelets and injected into several problem areas. I have already seen a significant improvement in reduction of pain and increased strength and functionality. I am astonished an delighted with the results!

Debbie, Foot Pain


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