Knee Pain

While you may not think of Eastern Idaho Spine Center for knee pain, our sports medicine board-certified physician does indeed treat knee pain, both acute (new injury) and chronic.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

  • Ligamentous injury: ACL, MCL, LCL
  • Meniscal injury
  • Overuse injuries: patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band pain, “runner’s knee
  • Osteoarthritis.  There is a new procedure used to treat chronic osteoarthritis, particularly in the setting where a knee placement is not an option.  This procedure is called Genicular Radiofrequency Ablation.

Treatment Options

There are multiple options to treat knee pain, depending on its cause.  Of course, we refer to orthopedic surgeons if that is the necessary treatment, but often non-operative treatments can solve the problem, including prolotherapy, ultrasound guided injection, PRP and acupuncture.

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