About Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

This developing treatment has recently become more popular and received greater media attention as professional athletes and others have begun utilizing it in their recoveries. Platelet rich plasma treatment is an injection of platelet rich plasma into injured bones or soft tissue, such as tendons or ligaments.

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I came to Dr. Vlach in a lot of pain. I’d been having issues for about three years. I’d seen several doctors, had blood tests, x-rays and several MRI’s. I was very depressed and losing hope. I could do none of my favorite activities. Now several months after my first visit, after PRP and acupuncture I have almost no pain if any on a daily basis and very little while doing activities. I am starting to return to the activities I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Vlach and the Eastern Idaho Spine and Sports Center!

Tiffany K, Back Pain


Having had the PRP injection 3 months ago, my knee has had a wonderful recovery. Stairs, hikes and even getting out of the car are painless. Day to day living is so much easier.

Ginger R, Knee Pain


Yeah! The tendon procedure worked. Dr. Liljenquist removed bone spurs, and rotator cuff repair. When he got into the surgery, the tendon was healed. I didn’t need that repaired. Thanks!

Adele, Shoulder Pain


After many years of consistent pain due to an unsuccessful foot surgery which lead to chronic and worsening pain, Dr. Vlach gave me the opportunity to try a new procedure called PRP. Using my own blood which was drawn then ‘spun’ to isolate the platelets and injected into several problem areas. I have already seen a significant improvement in reduction of pain and increased strength and functionality. I am astonished an delighted with the results!

Debbie, Foot Pain

Commonly Asked Questions About Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments:

Q. How is PRP administered?
Using ultrasound guidance to aid in the precise placement of the injection, platelet rich plasma is injected with a needle into injured soft tissue or bone.

Q. How is PRP beneficial?
Platelets are a special type of blood cell with several characteristics essential for healing. Studies suggest that injections of platelet rich plasma actually improves healing and muscle strength. It can be used to treat Achilles tendon injuries, muscle regeneration, ligament injuries, tennis elbow, and other injuries.

Q. Is PRP painful?
Some minimal soreness or pain may be felt during or after the actual injection.

Q. Are there any risks or side effects involved?
Because PRP is obtained from a patient’s own blood sample, PRP treatment is low in risk.

Q. How should I prepare for PRP?
Stop the use of anti-inflammatory medications at the time of the PRP treatment and for two weeks afterward. This increases likelihood of effective treatment.

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