LIPOGEMS® is the latest in Lipoaspiration treatment that presents a revolutionary way of harvesting fat so tissue is utilized to its full healing potential. The FDA-cleared device is a regenerative medicine alternative to surgery that is bound to make waves in the industry.

What is LIPOGEMS®?

It is a closed-loop device that processes out the healing components of adipose tissue to treat numerous types of injury. The LIPOGEMS® tool takes full advantage of fat’s ability to serve as a healing agent by capturing every part of adipose tissue.

The Components of Fat

Many do not realize that fat is an intricate part of a person’s anatomy. The biological component is rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), and supportive cavities called pericytes that contribute to overall growth.

One essential connective tissue present in fat is cytokines. The small proteins serve as signals to other cells in the body. Cytokines have the ability to halt production as cells do not know what to do without clear direction from the proteins.

The Problem of Fat

Although vital to the body’s operation, fat has a way of burying essential healing agents and cytokines in its layers. Under current FDA regulations, only intact fat can be used. But as noted before, with the healing components buried in the layers of adipose tissue, intact fat decreases the healing potential. Such is the reason why LIPOGEMS® is so revolutionary.

How the Device Works

LIPOGEMS® manages to preserve intact fat by capturing tissue and manipulating it in a sealed and sterile space. Gradual reduction of adipose clusters and the elimination of pro-inflammatory oily residue contribute to the conservation of fat’s essential components.

Lipoaspirate is immersed in a saline solution that is sterile so as to minimize the trauma of the component’s cellular makeup. This procedure places LIPOGEMS® in the unique position of preserving the majority of intact fat’s healing properties.

LIPOGEMS® is not just a “Stem Cell” Treatment

LIPOGEMS® offers more than just stem cells- the comprehensive healing environment of MSCs, growth factors, and other proteins are captured, preserved during sterile processing, and then injected to the site of tissue damage. It’s a complete Regenerative Medicine treatment that is the exclusive advantage of the LIPOGEMS ® procedure. Without all of these healing components, stem cells by themselves will die and offer no benefit to the treated area.

LIPOGEMS® Operation

The following steps are taken during the LIPOGEMS® process:

  • The skin is numbed with anesthesia
  • Fat is infiltrated with a combined solution of sterile saline and anesthetic
  • Fat is aspirated using a harvesting cannula
  • Fat is processed using the LIPOGEMS® device