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Caring for the Patient- A Physician Assistant’s Perspective

My mantra for practicing medicine is to treat a person and not a number.

We treat a wide variety of patients with an even wider variety of complaints. When someone comes in saying, “I have back pain,” that is just the beginning of figuring out what kind of back pain we are dealing with. Is this muscle, disc, joint, or nerve pain? Or is this coming from something else entirely? And once we determine what […]

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Muscle Spasms/Cramps: Why and How to Deal with a Pesky Problem

I often get questions about muscle spasms/cramps. While everyone is at risk for muscle spasms at any time, they are more common in the warmer months.

What is a muscle spasm/cramp?

Definitions may vary but the general thought is that it represents a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles. This condition is generally considered harmless. However, it can affect muscle use while present (ie while […]

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