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Pain Management

Why does your knee hurt?

Knee 101 August 2018 Blog Part II
Hi All,
My last blog was Knee 101, a basic lesson on anatomy.  Today we will cover the more common types of injuries/problems/pathology and how they affect the joint.  This is Part II in a III part series.  In III we will discuss possible treatments.
As with all my blogs, I would add the caveat that this is a basic/informational discussion.  If you desire more education on this topic, there […]

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Last week, I was lifting weights at 5 am (trying to practice what I preach! the importance of exercise!) and while bending forwards, I felt the dreaded tug/pull in my lumbar spine. I limped through the rest of my workout, but was pretty miserable by the afternoon.

Here’s what I wanted to do:
-lie on the couch, eating potato chips, while taking hydrocodone and ibuprofen, binge watching netflix and hoping that symptoms would pass.

Here’s what I […]

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Acute Low Back Pain: What To Do, What Not To Do

Today, I saw a young gentleman with sudden onset of fairly severe low back pain, who was seen in the ER over the weekend and was terrified he was going to have surgery. Here’s what I told him to do versus what he had been told in the ER:

1. Get moving!!! The ER told him to lay down and essentially not move and that bedrest would help. This is very dated thinking and is […]

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Artificial Disc Replacement

This month I have chosen a topic that seems like the perfect solution to a significant problem—Artificial Disc Replacement surgery.  Recently, I have had more questions posed to me on this matter.   As I’m not a neurosurgeon, I don’t have all the answers, but wanted to obtain more edification on the subject.
Artificial Disc replacement (ADR) or Total Disc Replacement  is a surgical procedure that replaces a worn/degenerated disk in the neck or lower […]

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Laser Surgery

As a physiatry PA, I view the world from the perspective of conservative treatment first, procedures second and if there is no relief/resolution of symptoms or the problems are more severe the “S” word…Surgery as a last resort. This is not to say I view surgery as a bad thing, but just a later step in the hierarchy of treatment steps.

With this thought framework in mind, I often get asked, “do I qualify…what […]

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Diagnosing Pain

Another stellar blog post with fresh perspectives on healthcare from our PA, Craig Kantack. Craig has been with Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab for over 3 years and is really an expert in PHYSIATRY and musculoskeletal care.


As a PA walking into the exam room for the first time (new patient) or for that matter any other appointment, I diligently try to keep an open mind. By this, I mean trying to avoid the […]

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Does Shoulder Surgery for a Labral Tear Improve Outcomes?

I posted a link last week to a research study that showed arthroscopic knee surgery–the most common orthopedic surgery in the world–to be ineffective for knee pain. Another study was recently published in the British Medical Journal regarding another common orthopedic surgery and the results are similar.

Shoulder surgery for a labral tear is also one of the most common orthopedic procedures performed and one for which the rehabilitation and recovery is a long, […]

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I just got back from Philadelphia, PA where I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a seminar discussing the advances in neurostimulation. Neurostimulation is also known as spinal cord stimulation or SCS. This is a science that has been around for 50 years, and actively prescribed for chronic pain issues ~40 years.

As I do not possess an advanced degree in physics or engineering, my plan was to lay the ground work of the […]

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Research Shows Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Is Not Effective

Check out this new article just published in the British Medical Journal – Arthroscopic knee surgery (getting your knee “scoped”) is the most common orthopedic procedure in the world and yet research shows it is not effective for relieving pain or improving function.

An international panel of surgeons and patients agreed to change the guidelines for knee arthritis, recommending conservative measures instead of surgery.

Another reason to come see us and see what we […]

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Alternative to Treating Pain

This article I read recently caught my eye.

Complementary Pain Treatments Gain Traction

I followed this up over Christmas break with a read of this fascinating book:


Here’s the central points, if you don’t have time to read the article and a whole separate book:

– Opiate addiction has devastated America.

– Opiates are NOT the only option for treating long-term, chronic pain, such as pain caused by degenerative arthritis, disc herniations or degenerative disc disease of the spine. […]

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