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You’re so good..

This time of year, the staff lunchroom table begins to overflow with treats. Some days I’ll nibble at a few treats, but most days I stick to my regular, packed “healthy” food. Invariably, one of my staff notices my abstinence and says, “Oh, Dr. Vlach, you’re so good. You never eat the treats”.

It’s an interesting perception, that not eating treats is by definition virtuous or associated with tremendous will power. The simple truth […]

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Year’s Wrap Up and Confessions of a Doctor #2

We are often horrible patients and make poor health choices

My running plans for 2017 did not exactly pan out.

As my work life has intensified (a good thing, my regenerative medicine practice is exploding, thanks to many grateful patients who are avoiding surgery and spreading the word, as well as our affiliation with, becoming their exclusive Idaho provider), my running life has had to take a back seat. I love the long 100 […]

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Health Insurance

For this month’s blog, I wanted to discuss health insurance.

No, not the health insurance for which you pay a monthly premium to help with your medical costs, but rather the health insurance that everyone pays into throughout their lifetime. Another way of saying it would be your general health and your plans for the future. How long do you want to live? What quality of life do you desire? Do you want to […]

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Alcohol -The Risks

When deciding what topic to blog this month, I elected to focus on a darker subject. At our
practice we try to focus on healthy living including diet and exercise. In my opinion, one of the
key forms of a healthy diet is limiting/lessening the bad foods/drink as much as increasing the
good foods/drink. My subject this month is alcohol, here are a few facts/stats about alcohol.

Let me preface by saying, I’m not on a soapbox stating […]

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Supplements: What Exactly Are You Taking?

This article highlights some of my concerns when patients tell me they are taking fistfuls of supplements:

FDA Finds Majority of Herbal Supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, And Target Don’t Contain What They Claim – Instead Cheap Fillers Like Wheat And Soy Powder

It’s a downer to pay a lot of money and not even be getting the active ingredients!

In general, I don’t recommend a lot of supplements to my patients. Ideally, we would get most of our nutrients from natural food sources. However, in this day and age, between our nutritionally-depleted and stripped processed foods and stressed lifetstyles […]

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I ran out of honey the other day and asked a friend to pick up some for me and she came up with this:

I was about to mindlessly put it in my tea when I looked at the ingredient list:

Do you spot anything strange? Uh, it isn’t honey.

Food sure has gotten weird these days. You can try your hardest to do the right things, replace that ‘bad’ white sugar with a more […]

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New Year Blog Post #2

So here we are almost two months into the New Year. To those of you who have stuck with your resolutions – congratulations – you rock! To all the rest who have slipped or have right out given up – you can still get back on track!

So here are a few questions you might be asking yourself:

Why is the scale not moving?
Why are my clothes still feeling very tight?
Why am I not losing any […]

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Just Say No to Junk Food!

Like many of us, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet in the new year. Most people think I am a crazed health nut who would never let a sugary-laden treat pass my lips, but the reality is that I struggle with food cravings as much as the next guy or gal, and especially when I ramp up my ultrarunning training, I often find myself eating twizzlers at night in bed, even […]

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Benefits of Exercise and Physical Therapy

While Physiatry covers a wide spectrum of care, a bulk our treatment is for neck (cervical) and low back (lumbar) pain. Often when a new patient presents for these symptom we will recommend a course of physical therapy.

A lot of thought goes into this process, as not everyone is a good fit for this modality of treatment, so every patient is different and we decide their treatment on a case-by-case basis. […]

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New Year Blog Post #1

So the New Year is finally here! Many of us make New Year's resolutions year after year, only to run out of steam and break them by the time Valentine's Day arrives.

We tend to set unrealistic goals and find it too hard and cumbersome to stick with them and then we rationalize and make excuses and eventually convince ourselves that we didn’t really need to change anything after all. Does that sound remotely familiar?

If […]

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