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Athlete Tips & Tricks

Oiselle Bird Camp & 5 Tips for Female Runners

I was invited this past weekend as a guest speaker at a women’s running camp, sponsored by women’s apparel company Oiselle ( I knew very little about Oiselle prior to this amazing weekend, but learned that it is an incredible, innovative women’s running clothing company with this very cool mission statement:

“Since day one, our mission has been the same: to create a sisterhood of support at a variety of levels from beginners […]

How to Eat Like an Athlete – Part 2

3 ways to eat as an athlete continued…

Eat for performance and health, NOT weight.

I’ve read two recent interesting articles on this topic. and

Weight issues plague most athletes and I would venture women especially.  There is no question that we live in a society that makes maintaining a healthy weight difficult at best.  The way most of our daily lives are currently wired involve packaged, chemical convenience foods that are enormously  calorie-laden, combined with sitting […]

How to Eat Like an Athlete – Part 1

I recently received the very kind comment and question from my blog:

“What an inspiration. We are all at different training levels and it is so nice when I can hear from someone I admire so much that we all have challenges in our training. I would love to hear about your experience with training and nutrition.”

In this post, I’ll share with you some of my own journey in nutrition and athletics. In an upcoming […]

How To Prevent Sports Related Injuries

A record 7.8 million kids participated in high school sports from 2013 to 2014, according to the latest available data from the National Federation Of State High School Associations. But whether you’re a young high school football player, adult pro athlete or novice sports participant, you can get injured playing your favorite sport.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent or minimize the risk of getting injured.

Take Time to Warm Up […]

4 Ways to Crawl out of a Sports Slump

All athletes have their peak and not-so-peak times. When things are going well with your training and sport, you feel like you are unstoppable and on fire. Your workouts flow, you can’t wait to get up to exercise, you are eating well and you are just plain psyched. Then….there are those other times. Maybe you are not flat-out injured, but you struggle with incessant niggles, aches and pain, you have lost your flow and […]

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Top 5 tips if you think you might have ‘Overtraining Syndrome’

I recently had a patient come to me with a complaint of progressive fatigue, inability to complete training runs and an overall sense of malaise/”the blahs”. He was told by his training buddies that he had ‘overtraining syndrome’, the new popular endurance sports “disease”. I told him he did not. Why?

Overtraining syndrome has become a very popular diagnosis, even trendy if you will, in the past few years. With the explosion of endurance athletic […]