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Back pain: A book that will change your life!

This book held my attention for most of Feb and March:

If you have back pain, and particularly if you are considering surgery, I would strongly recommend giving this book a read. It reveals a journalist’s travels through back pain and sorts out what works and what doesn’t. The reader’s digest version of what works: EXERCISE.

Yep, folks, once again, MOTION IS LOTION.

A few core ideas:

1. A passive approach to recovery from back pain […]

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Acute Low Back Pain: What To Do, What Not To Do

Today, I saw a young gentleman with sudden onset of fairly severe low back pain, who was seen in the ER over the weekend and was terrified he was going to have surgery. Here’s what I told him to do versus what he had been told in the ER:

1. Get moving!!! The ER told him to lay down and essentially not move and that bedrest would help. This is very dated thinking and is […]

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Adventures in Stem Cell Therapy

Our regenexx ( procedures are going extremely well and we have many satisfied patients who have been able to reduce their pain, improve their function and avoid invasive orthopedic or spine surgeries.

Today’s blog post is a little hot-headed, as I continue to be dismayed by other local providers offering “stem cell therapy” and here are two examples in the past week:

1. A local physician posts a photo of offering a ‘stem cell knee injection’ […]

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Changing People’s Health and Lives

I am at the 2018 Interventional Orthopedics Foundation conference.
(Interventional Orthopedics Foundation – The Future of Medicine is Regenerative)

Check this amazing non-profit organization out. I will be headed there at least 6 times this next year for additional training and to keep adding procedures to my skillset to help patients.

We are reviewing the latest data on orthobiologics (PRP and stem cell injections) for musculoskeletal and spine disorders.

It is an incredibly inspiring conference […]

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Artificial Disc Replacement

This month I have chosen a topic that seems like the perfect solution to a significant problem—Artificial Disc Replacement surgery.  Recently, I have had more questions posed to me on this matter.   As I’m not a neurosurgeon, I don’t have all the answers, but wanted to obtain more edification on the subject.
Artificial Disc replacement (ADR) or Total Disc Replacement  is a surgical procedure that replaces a worn/degenerated disk in the neck or lower […]

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Last week, I truly had one of the most gratifying patient care experiences in my professional career.

A patient had traveled a ways from Montana to see me. His lumbar spine had been fused years back and he was beginning to suffer the consequences; adjacent segment degeneration and worsening back pain. He was interested in regenerative medicine, and I counseled him that his candidacy was poor (previous fusion makes it difficult to treat the spine, […]

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Year in review, 2017

I figure if this gets posted before March it still counts as an end of the year review!

2017 was an exciting time for Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab. A few highlights:

1. We were thrilled to be added as the exclusive Idaho Regenexx provider.
This has allowed us to take our regenerative medicine to the highest level, particularly offering cutting edge spine procedures to patients from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and we even […]

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I have had the wonderful privilege of being part of the medical staff for my sons’ sporting events, I also work in a physiatry practice that has a serious focus on sport medicine. As a PA, I truly enjoy the opportunity to help out when and where needed and find that to be a fringe benefit of the job.

As the intensity and competitiveness have increased in sports, at all levels, I have been […]

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Pop Quiz!

Because I am sadistic, I like to surprise my staff with pop quizzes at our quarterly ‘All Hands’ Meetings. Just kidding, they are really in good fun, and are to help make sure we all understand our vision and mission.

On the last pop quiz, I asked them, “If a patient asked, ‘do you do pain management?’ what would you say?”

Most people said ‘no, I would refer them to the pain anesthesiologists’. However, one brilliant […]

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Laser Surgery

As a physiatry PA, I view the world from the perspective of conservative treatment first, procedures second and if there is no relief/resolution of symptoms or the problems are more severe the “S” word…Surgery as a last resort. This is not to say I view surgery as a bad thing, but just a later step in the hierarchy of treatment steps.

With this thought framework in mind, I often get asked, “do I qualify…what […]

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