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Treating Knee Problems: An Innovative, Modern Approach!!

Hi All,

My last blog was on the different type of injuries/problems/pathology that can occur in the knee. Today we will tie things together with the common and perhaps not so well-known treatment protocols.

Once again, I would add the caveat that this is a basic/informational discussion. When it comes to medicine even the smallest region or anatomical part can be quite complicated and detailed. So, considering the knee, there are medical professionals who solely practice […]

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Why does your knee hurt?

Knee 101 August 2018 Blog Part II
Hi All,
My last blog was Knee 101, a basic lesson on anatomy.  Today we will cover the more common types of injuries/problems/pathology and how they affect the joint.  This is Part II in a III part series.  In III we will discuss possible treatments.
As with all my blogs, I would add the caveat that this is a basic/informational discussion.  If you desire more education on this topic, there […]

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Knee 101

Hi All,
It has been a few months since I have written a blog.  The biggest reason was devoting my time to the River of No Return Race in Challis.  We have been the medical providers for 5 years and I’m happy to report another successful year with no serious issues.  Anyway, I’m now back on track and ready to resume a monthly blog. 
As a PA, or I would assume any medical provider it is […]

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Artificial Disc Replacement

This month I have chosen a topic that seems like the perfect solution to a significant problem—Artificial Disc Replacement surgery.  Recently, I have had more questions posed to me on this matter.   As I’m not a neurosurgeon, I don’t have all the answers, but wanted to obtain more edification on the subject.
Artificial Disc replacement (ADR) or Total Disc Replacement  is a surgical procedure that replaces a worn/degenerated disk in the neck or lower […]

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I have had the wonderful privilege of being part of the medical staff for my sons’ sporting events, I also work in a physiatry practice that has a serious focus on sport medicine. As a PA, I truly enjoy the opportunity to help out when and where needed and find that to be a fringe benefit of the job.

As the intensity and competitiveness have increased in sports, at all levels, I have been […]

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Laser Surgery

As a physiatry PA, I view the world from the perspective of conservative treatment first, procedures second and if there is no relief/resolution of symptoms or the problems are more severe the “S” word…Surgery as a last resort. This is not to say I view surgery as a bad thing, but just a later step in the hierarchy of treatment steps.

With this thought framework in mind, I often get asked, “do I qualify…what […]

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Diagnosing Pain

Another stellar blog post with fresh perspectives on healthcare from our PA, Craig Kantack. Craig has been with Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab for over 3 years and is really an expert in PHYSIATRY and musculoskeletal care.


As a PA walking into the exam room for the first time (new patient) or for that matter any other appointment, I diligently try to keep an open mind. By this, I mean trying to avoid the […]

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Health Insurance

For this month’s blog, I wanted to discuss health insurance.

No, not the health insurance for which you pay a monthly premium to help with your medical costs, but rather the health insurance that everyone pays into throughout their lifetime. Another way of saying it would be your general health and your plans for the future. How long do you want to live? What quality of life do you desire? Do you want to […]

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Alcohol -The Risks

When deciding what topic to blog this month, I elected to focus on a darker subject. At our
practice we try to focus on healthy living including diet and exercise. In my opinion, one of the
key forms of a healthy diet is limiting/lessening the bad foods/drink as much as increasing the
good foods/drink. My subject this month is alcohol, here are a few facts/stats about alcohol.

Let me preface by saying, I’m not on a soapbox stating […]

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Inversion Table

I often get asked questions about inversion tables. Even though these products have been around for decades the ability to market products has become easier with our advancing technology. Every provider has their initial assumption on a product, is it safe, will it help with the condition, is it affordable?

Honestly, I was skeptical– -my thoughts were always if this was such a good alternative, why weren’t we recommending this treatment ourselves. Medicine is a […]

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