We Treat Athletes

We treat athletes of all ages, and all levels and abilities, from beginner to elite.

We also treat athletes involved in a variety of sports, including but not limited to ice hockey, cycling, biking, weight lifting, skiing, walking, running…you name it! Dr. Vlach has a special interest in running-related injuries and enjoys helping injured runners return to their passion.

Dr. Vlach is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation with subspecialty board certification in Sports Medicine.

We treat an athlete as a ‘whole person’, maximizing health and function by addressing any health issues that might be contributing to or prolonging a sports injury.



I came to Dr. Vlach in a lot of pain. I’d been having issues for about three years. I’d seen several doctors, had blood tests, x-rays and several MRI’s. I was very depressed and losing hope. I could do none of my favorite activities. Now several months after my first visit, after PRP and acupuncture I have almost no pain if any on a daily basis and very little while doing activities. I am starting to return to the activities I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Vlach and the Eastern Idaho Spine and Sports Center!

Tiffany K, Back Pain

UltraRunner Dr. Sarah Vlach On Athletes Treating Athletes

Conditions we treat, but are not limited to, include:

  • Sports-related lower body injuries: hip, knee, ankle, foot
  • Sports related upper body injuries: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands
  • Neck, mid back, and low back pain
  • Sports-related concussions

Treatment options include, but are not limited to (we do not do surgery, but refer appropriately as needed):

UltraRunner Dr. Sarah Vlach On The Four Most Common Running Injuries