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Phys.iat.ry is an enigma of a medical specialty.

If you break your arm everyone knows they should see an Orthopedic surgeon. If you have high blood pressure, see an Internist.

When most people hurt their back they don’t automatically think “I need to see a Physiatrist.” Maybe they should. And that also goes for sports injuries, pain issues, and exercise questions. Physiatry is most certainly the most useful medical specialty you probably have never heard of.

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Dr. Vlach is board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (Physiatry).

What is unique about a physiatric perspective? Exercise. Some pain doctors have a bias in their training towards pills or shots. In rehabilitation medicine exercise is frequently the starting (and finishing) point for any intervention. Exercise is the sustainable fix that can empower people to address their own issues. Internists prescribe medications for blood pressure. We prescribe exercise (and a few other things).


Dr. Sarah Vlach on “What is Physiatry?”