About Acupuncture

Although it may conjure up images of ancient Oriental medicine, acupuncture has actually been successfully used in the United States for the past century and is recognized today by the World Health Organization as a medical treatment for many conditions.

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What is Acupuncture? Dr. Sarah Vlach Tells Us!


I have had acupuncture for pain in my SI joint and lower back (arthritis, 2 bulging disks) for almost 5 months. The results have been remarkable. After 8 months of PT, massages, and 2 steroid injections the nerve pain had no subsided and my activities such as jogging were limited. After the first few acupuncture treatments I felt relief. I was able to resume outdoor activities such as skiing etc. Now I have rarely take an NSAID to relieve pain and discomfort and will increase the time between treatments. I was looking for a non-surgical / non-invasive method to help with the pain. The acupuncture, along with exercise and yoga, has helped immensely.

Susan E, Back Pain


I came to Dr. Vlach in a lot of pain. I’d been having issues for about three years. I’d seen several doctors, had blood tests, x-rays and several MRI’s. I was very depressed and losing hope. I could do none of my favorite activities. Now several months after my first visit, after PRP and acupuncture I have almost no pain if any on a daily basis and very little while doing activities. I am starting to return to the activities I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Vlach and the Eastern Idaho Spine and Sports Center!

Tiffany K, Back Pain

Commonly Asked Questions About Acupuncture:

Q. What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is the jumpstart for the body’s own natural healing processes. It frees up certain meridian energy channels that have become blocked.

Q. How is acupuncture administered?
Needles are inserted into the body’s specific acupuncture points, and these, with the combination of heat and/or electrical stimulation, are all used to release the body’s energy flows.

Q. How is acupuncture beneficial?
Needling the body’s precise acupuncture points facilitates the nervous system’s release of internally regulating and pain-relieving chemicals. This aids in the body’s recovery from digestive, respiratory, neurological, muscular, urinary, menstrual, or reproductive disorders, to name some. Specifically, acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of sports-related injuries, including iliotibial band syndrome, platar fasciitis, and tendon injuries.

Q. Is acupuncture painful?
Most patients experience hardly any pain at all, perhaps a minimal amount when the needle is first inserted, but none after that. Some patients report feeling no pain at all.

Q. Are there risks or side effects involved?
Needs are never reused, so risk of infection is nonexistent. As for side effects, patients often report feeling deeply relaxed or even slightly disoriented immediately following acupuncture. As the treatment begins working on the body, some small side effects may include mild emotional changes or differences in appetite, sleep, or bowel and urination patters.

Q. How should I prepare for acupuncture?
Avoid alcohol and drug abuse, especially for the week preceding treatment, and abstain from consumption of alcohol for at least six hours before and after. Refrain from overeating, over-exercising, and participating in sexual activity for six hours before and after.


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