About Sarah Vlach

Dr. Vlach’s training and experience includes time at The Mayo Clinic and the University of Utah. She brings cutting edge pain treatment options for sports, spine and musculoskeletal injuries to Southeast Idaho.

How to Fix Your Back

On I-15, near where I live, there is a prominent billboard advertising back surgery with large title header, “FIX YOUR BACK”. I sigh in discouragement, frustration and irritation every time I drive by, although it does always re-inspire me to help patients understand that surgery rarely ‘fixes’ the back and often creates a whole new set of troubles.

A spine surgeon, no matter how well-intentioned and skilled, is 99% of the time not […]

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A Tale of Two Knees

I saw a patient yesterday who is six weeks out from bilateral knee replacements and struggling. One knee remains stiff and painful and both knees remain hot and swollen. Her summer is shot. She had originally planned to have the replacements done in the fall, but after years of mild joint pain went precipitously downhill in 4 short months, from February to May, to the point that the pain became so unbearable that she […]

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The Benefits of Sports Medicine for Anyone with an Injury

Unfortunately, there is a good likelihood that at some point during your life, you will suffer some sort of sports-related injury. When you have been injured severely enough that you require physician assistance, it can be devastating and take some time before you return to full strength and mobility.

However, there is something that can help anyone who has sustained an injury: sports medicine. Here are a number of benefits you can get with […]

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Our Story

A brief history of Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab Center, 2005-2017

We started out in 2008 as Eastern Idaho Spine Center. Dr. Shane Mangrum, a skilled and exceptional physiatrist, moved to Idaho Falls in 2005 and created his own business, Western Rehabilitation. Due to his passion for exceptional medical care, he quickly grew his practice and recruited Dr. Sarah Vlach to join him and they co-founded Eastern Idaho Spine Center. In its early years, […]

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Supplements: What Exactly Are You Taking?

This article highlights some of my concerns when patients tell me they are taking fistfuls of supplements:

FDA Finds Majority of Herbal Supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, And Target Don’t Contain What They Claim – Instead Cheap Fillers Like Wheat And Soy Powder

It’s a downer to pay a lot of money and not even be getting the active ingredients!

In general, I don’t recommend a lot of supplements to my patients. Ideally, we would get most of our nutrients from natural food sources. However, in this day and age, between our nutritionally-depleted and stripped processed foods and stressed lifetstyles […]

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Alternative to Treating Pain

This article I read recently caught my eye.

Complementary Pain Treatments Gain Traction

I followed this up over Christmas break with a read of this fascinating book:


Here’s the central points, if you don’t have time to read the article and a whole separate book:

– Opiate addiction has devastated America.

– Opiates are NOT the only option for treating long-term, chronic pain, such as pain caused by degenerative arthritis, disc herniations or degenerative disc disease of the spine. […]

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I ran out of honey the other day and asked a friend to pick up some for me and she came up with this:

I was about to mindlessly put it in my tea when I looked at the ingredient list:

Do you spot anything strange? Uh, it isn’t honey.

Food sure has gotten weird these days. You can try your hardest to do the right things, replace that ‘bad’ white sugar with a more […]

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The Importance of Imaging Guidance for Advanced Injection Procedures

I recently attended the annual conference of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF, Home – Interventional Orthopedics Foundation), which included two days of training in regenerative medicine, including stem cell procedures and bone marrow aspirate harvesting techniques for stem cells.

The IOF promotes advanced techniques for advancing regenerative medicine. They are rigorously based in safe and effective techniques and promote outcomes-based research.

One of the tenets of membership is that members must

Attest that all injection […]

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Just Say No to Junk Food!

Like many of us, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet in the new year. Most people think I am a crazed health nut who would never let a sugary-laden treat pass my lips, but the reality is that I struggle with food cravings as much as the next guy or gal, and especially when I ramp up my ultrarunning training, I often find myself eating twizzlers at night in bed, even […]

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Radiant Health

I’ve been thinking about new year’s resolutions. I like to set them, both for personal goals for myself and professional goals I hope to achieve. It helps keep me motivated and interested.

The phrase that keeps coming to mind as I formulate resolutions for 2017 is radiant health. What is radiant health? How do I get it? Is it achievable?

Have you ever been around someone who glows with health? Not in a creepy, alien-esque […]

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